We accept 13 new residents per year, with 52 residents total in our program. Tell me about… item(s) on your CV or transcript, past experience, time off, etc.? Life in Seattle and Washington Directions & Maps Invitations to visit our program and interviews with our faculty will be given only to applicants who, in our opinion, have a … Please use Interview Broker to schedule your interview. It takes the core list of competencies that are required to be a good resident and physician and then develops a series of questions that will allow the interviewer to explore your past performance in these areas. I am surprised more interview candidates are not on this page commeting. Prepare as if it were a real interview: review your answers to specific questions, have a list of questions you plan to ask, and if possible, dress as if it were a real interview. Which types of patients do you work with most effectively? We value diversity in our residency: each of our residents brings unique gifts and qualifications that strengthen our program. Can you tell me about this deficiency on your record? 10/30/20. Pressure? The answer format for behavioral interviews is: 1. You will meet with three interviewers simultaneously and the interview … Teach me something non-medical in five minutes. The interview was very structured, but questions increased slowly in difficulty. The faculty, students and staff of the University of Washington School of Medicine look forward to welcoming you to the School and introducing you to its programs. If you are asked one of these, you can simply reply that you are not comfortable answering that question. (Example: How are you today? or via US Mail: University of Washington Family Medicine Global Health Fellowship Attn: Christopher Sanford, MD, MPH, DTM&H UW Family Medicine Residency, Box 358732 331 NE Thornton Place How do you see yourself being involved in health reform? Ask hard questions of programs. Thank you for your interest in the Psychiatry residency program at Washington University School of Medicine. Thank you for publishing this article. A typical interview would be purely behavioral with repeated questions focusing on one particular principle or skill that they are looking for. Ask hard questions of programs. Demonstrate your compatibility with the program to the program directors, faculty, residents, and staff who interview you. Use exaggerated face and body animations to better communicate in the virtual environment, Speak slower than normal. With my residency family! The Department of Neurological Surgery upholds the requirements of the University of Washington Housestaff Association collective bargaining agreement. Post-graduation plans: Geriatrics fellowship at BIDMC and University of Washington, Wharton Business School, Hospitalist and Rural Medicine fellowship at MGH, primary care, and two Chief Medicine Residents at CHA. All Applicants to the University of Washington's Department of Rehabilitation Medicine Residency Program must apply through the Electronic Residency Application Service (ERAS). in residency interviews. Prepare yourself for your interview at University Of Washington by browsing Interview questions and processes from real candidates. I chose the University of Washington Orthopedic PT Residency in order to take my first steps into specialization as a new professional. Who are your role models and how did they affect the way you want to practice medicine? What makes you unique? The University of Washington has a rich history in training IR physicians. Final fifteen seconds is a review of why you’re interested in this residency specifically and what attracted you to this place here and now. In practicality, you may have 10 minutes of material that you have memorized and rehearsed that will allow you to mold the two-minute drill to any situation. I interviewed at UW Medicine in April 2019. This improves the perception of eye contact, Avoid watching yourself when speaking – close the self-view window if necessary, Sit still, lean forward, and keep hands still, Rely on facial reactions, instead of distracting hand gestures. This process involves both “selling” yourself to a program, as well as collecting the information that you will need in … I applied through college or university. We are affiliated with the University of Washington School of Pharmacy, and all residents receive an affiliate faculty appointment with the School of Pharmacy. Programs are checking to see if you have insight and have taken action to correct the problem. Purpose of Residency Interviews As you prepare for interviews, try to enjoy the process as much as possible. Most residency interviews are traditional one on one interviews or panel interviews – where two or more interviewers are asking questions. Prepare to answer all types of questions during your interviews, including very open-ended ones and ones that may probe weaknesses that appear on your application. Knowing what you are going to say during an interview takes dedicated preparation time. Prepare to answer the most common question: “What questions do you have for me?” Many residencies want to see that you’ve thought carefully about their program and that you’re applying to them because you are interested in the unique things their program offers. It is an opportunity to learn and explore. Be prepared to address any potential red flags in your application, including extension of training, USMLE failure, or course failure. Determine how well the program meets your goals and how compatible you are with the program. Thank you for your interest in our program! Interview Day Post Interview Day. University of Washington Interview Questions. If we offered you a position today, would you accept? Dear Dr. Yoffe. The cohort includes residents … Personal interviews are required and application deadlines strictly adhered to. Reflect on your strengths. The next thirty seconds is a review of your educational background, undergraduate degree, work experience, and life experience. Interview. As you prepare for interviews, try to enjoy the process as much as possible. We would be happy to answer any other questions if you … Applications for residency positions are accepted only through Electronic Residency Application Service (ERAS) from the Association of American Medical Colleges (AAMC). “Illegal” questions might include: What are your plans for a family? The two-minute drill doesn’t have to be done in order from top to bottom. How does the University of Washington Neurologic Physical Therapy Residency Program differ from many other residency programs? Optional closing if this question does not occur during the interview: “Tell me more about the residency or about your position with the residency.” This leads the way for the interviewer to introduce him/her self and the residency. The process took a week. Application Process We currently train 41 diagnostic radiology residents and are recruiting an incoming diagnostic class of 10 residents. Frequently Asked Questions. What do you think about what is happening in… ? The program has provided me high quality mentorship from fellowship trained specialists, structured didactic course work, and opportunities for teaching experience both in the classroom and in the clinic. Talk for too long (aim for a few minutes per question max). Interviews for the 2020-2021 season will be virtual. Interview #2 School: University of Washington Notification date: 9/24/2020 Method of notification: Email Residency: WA AADSAS mail-out date: 7/27/2020 What Interviewers May Ask Do: Make a list of your top strengths, goals, values, accomplishments, and abilities to use as a general reference for all interview questions. Gather information about all aspects of your interviews and prepare your technology: Maintain a professional and appropriate presence on your social media channels, as programs will review these sites to learn more about those they are interviewing. The University of Washington Medicine Residency Program will host Open Houses on the following dates. If you could no longer be a physician, what career would you choose? (non-medical current events question). This is your opportunity to let them know you’ve done your homework. Interview and Open House Dates. Sample residency interview questions and answers. What do you think about… the current and future state of healthcare, this specialty, etc.? First fifteen seconds is a brief review of who you are (My name is _____. Practice your answers ahead of time. Is an interview a required part of the application process? Reflect on your strengths. I interviewed at University of Washington. The following is a list of potential questions that may aid you in your preparation: There are some questions that are not allowed during interviews. 10/16/20. Our program requires three […] Your tips are very practical and have given me a systematic way to approach my interviews. How many residents do you accept each year? I initially received an email in early August that I was likely to be offered an interview invite in the early fall, and it just arrived today!

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