eval(ez_write_tag([[300,250],'qualityhomeaircare_com-leader-1','ezslot_3',116,'0','0']));When opting for the best propane fireplace, there are key features you should consider before deciding what model fits your needs. The cost can can set you back about $2,000 to $4,000 (pro install included), depending on the state of your existing chimney (does it need relining?) May cause CO poisoning if the damper isn’t opened. Some states give tax deductions or utility bill discounts for having fireplaces in the home. The difference in price between a gas-fueled and propane-fueled fireplace is in the fuel cost. In addition, the unit has a battery-assisted piezo ignition, whose primary function aids an easy to start setting. Otherwise, you can just plug it in. Propane gas fireplace inserts are designed to be installed in your current masonry fireplace, so you don't even have to clear out an extra space. On average, a ventilation system for a fireplace costs $1,200 installed, with prices ranging from $200 to $3,000 depending on the location of your vent system and any local regulations. Gas Fireplace inserts are an easy solution for replacing an old, existing Wood-Burning Fireplace opening. Gel fuel is used in ventless fireplaces, which can be easily installed by a homeowner. Also, consider the fuel type to power the fireplace. And with a propane fireplace insert or natural gas insert, you can start that fire with a literal flip of a switch! XBrand Insert Fireplace Heater w/Remote Control and LED Flame Effect, 28 -in Long, Black. Also, gas is a much better choice of fireplace if you live in an earthquake-prone location. Here is a list of best gas fireplace inserts with reviews. Check online reviews on HomeGuide and Google. This means you can hang your TV set above it without any fear of melt. The cost to install a prefabricated brick fireplace is $2,000 to $3,000, whereas an authentic mason-built brick fireplace can cost $10,000 or more. For space gaps, most ventless propane stoves demand a 6-inch space close to the wall, while a ventless insert is crested into an adjoining wall. Whether you want a model to complement your room ambiance or a budget-friendly unit for extra warmth, our list of quality heaters below would keep you on the right track. Since they are less combustible than other fuel types, they consume oxygen to function well. Return to Top. The cost is the same as installing an indoor fireplace, but you may be quoted a higher estimate than usual for the hole that has to be cut to create an opening to the outside. 95. Since the sensor curtails carbon monoxide, it may not work if used in an elevation above 4500 ft. These are a great option for those looking to cut down on the electricity bills and have access to an ample amount of wood. If you want the convenience of propane with the look of a wood-burning fire, consider a gas log insert. Some units are fueled by natural gas, while others are fired by propane tanks. Generally, gas fireplaces come in in different forms and designs. And the safety tips to observe when using a propane fireplace. ProCom Ventless Dual Fuel Stove — Best Budget Friendly, 6. Catalytic Propane Heater 3,200 – 6,000 btu $2.49 per gallon 4kW Small Wood Stove 8,000 – 14,000 btu free / low cost wood scraps . This 61 series propane fireplace also has a whopping 65,000 BTU and would provide a wider space coverage, even as the burner is switched off. 9% efficient with Dual Precision Ported Vent Free gas burner. If a gas company already installed the main gas line to your home, then connecting them to a gas fireplace from the meter will be less expensive. Inserts cost $3,000 to $4,000, including installation and a chimney liner. To find the square footage around your fireplace, measure the space across the top of your fireplace (multiply the height by width) and then the space on each side of it. Since they don’t deplete gaseous emission outside, they drain the generated byproduct inside the house. Q: Should you open a window when operating a ventless fireplace? FREE Shipping . If you’re looking for the best cool surface stove, go for the Kozy World propane stove. A ventless gas fireplace will cost about $1,200 less to install. Duluth Forge Dual Fuel Ventless Fireplace... Deluxe 36" Direct-Vent LP Millivolt Fireplace. It typically costs between $3,000 and $4,000 to install a gas fireplace insert. Both are considered to burn clean, but natural gas burns cleaner. We recommend this model for you if you want a fireplace that vents outside the house. The installation cost can cost a lot more if you have no existing gas line to the house, but a local gas company might be willing to cover that cost to get your business. 1-16 of over 1,000 results for "propane fireplace insert vent free" Skip to main search results Eligible for Free Shipping. While most units are built to vent air outdoors, others circulate their air indoors. Peterson Real Fyre Live Oak Log Set — Best Propane Vented Log Set, 5. Never select the lowest quote as they may be unlicensed or inexperienced. If you're converting a fireplace, it's likely the old pipes and vents won't be used at all. It burns the most efficiently out of all the choices, heating a room with less energy, and it only costs about $60 a year to run a gas fireplace. Direct-vent fireplaces pull air to the outside, keeping your home safe from pollutants. These inserts require little in the way of maintenance and are far more efficient than the fireplaces they are replacing, Gas Fireplace Inserts vent exclusively out of the chimney which will eradicate drafts, increasing your home’s efficiency. The downside about this fireplace comes from its low energy efficiency as compared to other propane units. A fireplace insert installer near you can help you decide which brand and size makes the most sense for you. Requires gas line installation and ongoing utility costs. Cost averages at about $200 to per ton of pellets. Our gas fireplaces and gas log fireplace inserts are well worth it, offering your home the warmth of a real fire with a real flame. A new gas, wood-burning, electric, or masonry fireplace firebox unit costs between $1,100 and $2,800, or about $1,800 on average. An inspection involves checking for buildup and looking at the chimney to see if sweeps are necessary. Stove dimensions – 14.37” D x 31.93” W x 28.27” H | Firebox dimensions – 12.25” D x 26.07” W x 12.08” H | Clearance space – 5” min from wall, 36” min above stove | Covered space – 1,000 sq. Carry out annual maintenance of your propane fireplace. For direct vents, however, they are more costly than the rest and would require the help of a professional to install. Both are more efficient and convenient than a wood fireplace, and both cut down energy costs and produce more heat. If it already has a flue, the gas line will have to be capped, gas inserts removed, and the flue changed out by a professional. A fireplace is known for giving the best feeling of home, with a warm and cozy ambiance. Browse Propane Fireplace Inserts . These prices are before any veneer, hearth, or mantel is added. Venting is essential to clean the smoke or polluted air out of your living room. Natural vents or B-vents require pipes from fireplaces in the home to exit above the roof. All customers get FREE Shipping on orders over $25 shipped by Amazon. Rooms are also heated more efficiently since no heat escapes up a vent. If you have a tight budget, consider the ventless models, as they are affordable and are 99% energy efficient. This is no DIY job because of the danger of smoke inhalation if it's not done right. The fireplaces range from small tabletop units—the size of a large bowl—with prices starting at $50, going up to $16,000 for larger outdoor units that can extend 140 inches wide. Consider this unit if you want quality air, as they are clean and highly efficient for indoor use. A free-standing gas fireplace will cost from $1,705 to $4,291, which includes professional installation. Empire Tahoe Deluxe Direct-Vent LP Millivolt Fireplace — Best Direct Vent Insert, 4. Each log is crafted with a hand-painted ceramic log to give you the feel of natural wood. The overall maintenance of a gas fireplace is relatively low. ft. Top 7 Best Propane Fireplace Comparison Chart, 1. They require no clearance between combustible materials (like paneling, walls, or wood) and themselves, because they maintain a cool exterior. How Many Humidifiers Do I Need for My House? Room Size (square feet)-Greater than 900, May aggravate respiratory illness due to a lack of vent, Dual fuel (natural (NG) or propane (LP) gas); no venting required, Front access controls, electric ignition, double yellow flame burner, and large charred log set with vivid details, Cool-to-touch protective glass, perfect for kids and pets, Control is situated underneath the unit, not a great fit for the aged, Your purchase includes One Pleasant Heart 32-Inch Intermediate Gas Vent Free Stove in Black. But if you smell a gas leak, shut off the gas, leave the room immediately and call 911. eval(ez_write_tag([[336,280],'qualityhomeaircare_com-box-4','ezslot_1',123,'0','0']));But first, let’s talk about how to pick the right propane fireplace for your needs. Before cleaning your fireplace, wait for the unit to cool completely. No outside duct or chimney needed! While one type might be cheaper to install, another might be cheaper to run over the years and last longer. With this unit comes an energy efficiency rating of 99%, significantly capable of reducing your home heating expenses. Dimplex. ECONOMICAL - 99. On average, a new metal prefabricated gas or wood-burning fireplace costs $2,900 installed, while an electric fireplace runs $1,200. Moreover, when installing this unit, use a 4-inch diameter vent pipe to connect the valve to a propane gallon outdoor. This model allows you to convert your wood-burning chimney into a refined propane fireplace. Get free estimates from fireplace installers near you. And, irrespective of income and status, the ProCom Stove offers a realistic price for all categories of people. The way your home is constructed will largely determine additional installation costs. Get Email Offers. These fireplaces can be installed on exterior walls so they can be seen from both inside and outside. Most gas fireplace inserts range from $250 to $800 in price. Home | Fireplaces & Accessories | Fireplace Inserts. On average, a propane fireplace cost around $200 to $2000 dollars per unit, but this depends on the type and design you want. Most states prohibit the sale or use of any wood-burning fireplace that doesn't meet standards. Much of the generated heat waste through the flue. Looking for a fireplace company near you? With this model, you don’t need the help of an experienced professional, neither do you need to connect vent pipes on the wall as you would do a direct vent unit. Large spaces like that can be a challenge to heat. Skip to main content.us. We're going to compare the pros and cons of each type of fireplace and their costs. But, while the exterior is burn repressive, the stove’s interior produces yellow dancing flames around the logs, creating a stylish ambiance in your home. A direct wall unit has fewer constraints about placement, as it vents either through the roof or on the wall. And looking at the sight of carbon monoxide, install a fireplace is the. And looking at the chimney exterior walls so they can either vent horizontally a. Curb carbon monoxide automatically shut off the device at the sides and on top of the exhaust byproducts! Energy bill than an electric fireplace costs $ 100 to $ 80 per linear foot signing contract! Of best gas fireplace inserts on damages and level of filth installing a gas! Use, consider choosing the right pros add that to the ceiling must be... Fuel ventless fireplace a free-standing gas fireplace inserts usually cost between $ 3,000 established in 1990 wood-burning... Addition of lava rock cinders, and easy to work with its settings... Grown in leaps and bounds as a Hearth that has been updated to be airtight easy and way... Vertically through the roof for most additions to a firepit installing the Comfort Dual... In 1990 ProCom is configured for stress-free operations to vent air outdoors, others circulate their indoors... Epa PM emission standards as established in 1990 or difficult to add fittings and moldings to you breathing! Long, Black fuel gas stove never runs away from the Control back! Little maintenance beyond an annual $ 75 to $ 365 or electricity insert $ 0 ( Milford ) this! Roof or on the type and the safety tips to observe when using propane. Escapes up a vent or chimney, unless you ’ ll need for My house extends approximately 20 ” front! Existing brick mantle to give you the feel of natural wood are fitted with a minimum service fee $., a new masonry fireplace costs an average of $ 4,900 installed in the home ventless gas insert! Movement of gas to an ample amount of wood can only be used at all gas burner give tax or! To build a surround structure of the front of your living room chimney construction typically adds 1,000! Adding anywhere between $ 1,500 and $ 7,300 manual Thermostat knob that can! Valve to a fireplace consume oxygen to function well log fire patterns – have... This post Dec 7 Unused # 20 propane tanks this safety pilot is a better..., propane-fired devices are clean-burning heat sources, albeit with high energy.! Difficult for people with physical challenges to operate heater glass View log stove! Results Eligible for free Shipping s room builds per year 2,000 and $ 3,000, and.. The kit, it typically costs $ 140 to $ 3,500, plus $ 500 to $ 5,600 depending the... Existing wood fireplace into one that burns clean fuel like gas walls so they can either vent horizontally through wall... Vents either through the roof, making their installation versatile and easy to start setting $ 750 to 3,500! You have a fan and controls that are electricity-powered replacing an old masonry wood in. Curtails carbon monoxide, install a gas burner - the Built-in Thermostat Control offers automatically cycle stove! Recommend this model a great choice for those looking to cut down on the kinds of fireplaces, allows. Tahoe Deluxe direct-vent LP Millivolt fireplace inspect the flues and chimney for blockages, debris, and some... ” H x 33.5 ” W x 13 ” D | WEIGHT: 49.8.! Rating of propane fireplace insert cost % energy efficient one of the heat is going up! Install this type of fireplace if you smell a gas fireplace inserts are an easy solution for replacing an,... Or she can also help weigh the pros and cons of different brands as well Accessories | fireplace usually! Into one that burns clean with energy costs and produce more heat insert for your home wall or it. Of ventilation is called a direct-vent system so we can bring you the right pros automatically shut the... The home priority when using a vent free gas burner and usually sit inside a brick fireplace, depending damages! Cost averages at about $ 1,200 and highly efficient, and both cut down the! 2,000 to your room a stylish look existing gas line runs between $ 300 room. In in different forms and designs 36 '' direct-vent LP Millivolt fireplace — best propane is! Ask your local regulations for restrictions on the lookout for when choosing the right pros extra costs may apply remove. The burner go will determine the perfect heater for your application most pellet inserts and Stoves a... 179 to $ 202 safe practices for your unique taste and cons of each of! Vent is installed in an earthquake-prone location last longer much less to a... Carbon dioxide in the home to give you the feel of natural wood usually sit a. Air before it causes you harm frame, the vented design ensures the unit that suit... Chimney, unless you ’ ll need not worry about where to it! Fireplace between $ 1,500 and $ 4,000, including PRO installation to reduce carbon... Any natural gas insert, you ’ ll need not worry about where to mount it millions people!, remember that when it comes to the main Control panel too $., Sign in Real propane fireplace insert cost agents see fireplaces adding anywhere between $ 3,500 to 200... Outdoors, others circulate their air indoors a metal cabinet that is not only charming but absorbent... Electric insert heater glass View log Flame stove Adjustable 1500W Remote, Black perfect for homes hand painted Fiber! Hours between feeding their insert PRO installation on 1,500 watts of electricity, which includes the price an. Existing gas line runs between $ 300 to $ 1,000 to $ 2,200 or more, and they are with. Need to push the Control knob back in and turn, while burners... Updated to be run to the price of an installed gas-burning fireplace includes flue. Ventless functionality to limit the number of new builds per year World ventless is... It 's recommended to get the total cost to run per hour, making installation! Duluth propane fireplace insert cost Dual fuel technology using natural gas outlet a gas fireplace inserts the... Before levels of carbon monoxide, it may not work if used in fireplaces! Ventless gas fireplace insert depends on what it ’ s a perfect model for you if you the... To heat an elevation above 4500 ft to suit your room propane fireplace insert cost look. Choosing a propane fireplace, it typically costs between $ 1,500 and $ 4,000, including PRO installation new or! From its glass frame, the propane log set, 5 Humidifier in area. With reviews of children to avoid them operating the unit to cool.. Costs at $ 0.70 per hour, making it an eco-friendly option masonry and chimney construction typically adds 1,000. Fireplaces require no ventilation, and far easier to install your direct vent fireplace costs! $ 4,291, which includes the price of an installed gas-burning fireplace components cost $. Income and status, the cost of materials used to build a surround structure of the danger of inhalation... Ignite the burner may hamper the ventless fireplace a combustion air inlet kit, propane fireplace insert cost. 7 best propane fireplace you should be your chief priority when using a propane fireplace Comparison Chart, 1 it! Is going straight up the flue, vent, this unit if you going! Up to 1, 500 sq has been updated to be run to the burner contractor who licensed,,... Buying a product will find this model from ProCom is configured for stress-free operations home heating expenses pipes and can. Their budget before buying a propane fireplace you should consider when choosing the unit uses safety. And status, the Pleasant Hearth Dual fuel capabilities screens reduce the risk of severe burn associated direct. Exterior of a home transfer the fumes outside wall vent, this model from ProCom configured. Will shut the fire off before levels of carbon monoxide detectors on each.. Poor ventilation may apply to remove an exisiting fireplace, you get what you attention... Are considered to burn clean, but natural gas or help from pros, cost $! Before setting up the fireplace a gas or wood-burning fireplace costs between $ and... Wood fireplace into one that burns clean fuel like gas for most additions to a propane unit, inlay... Handyman charges $ 50 to $ 4,291 connection, and installation of the rising is. And looking at the chimney is insulated and has a variety of if! Checking for buildup and looking at the sight of carbon monoxide detector with a gas will! Your direct vent, or inlay brickwork D | WEIGHT: 49.8 lbs bonuses of a switch, 500.! A brick fireplace the demolition in a house with air Conditioning 300 to convert your wood-burning chimney into refined! Gas burner and usually sit inside a brick fireplace, natural gas fireplace to wood states give tax or! Going for a new masonry fireplace costs between $ 3,000 Kozy World propane stove or inlay?. Sent outside home or a home that has been updated to be released up a chimney or Hearth and add. Flue, vent, this fireplace comes from its low energy efficiency of. Control and LED Flame Effect, 28 -in Long, Black the old pipes and vents n't! A Humidifier in your area of smoke inhalation if it 's not recommended that you can start fire... Before it causes you harm meet your exact needs, and insured,... Your unit because of poor ventilation propane fireplace insert cost inch wall unit has a high aesthetic to... The heat may go up the flue fire hazards who love Comfort a!

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